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How to Apply

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The College is happy to consider applications from candidates for admission to pursue research, or for any further degree course. 

The Tutor for Graduate Admissions is Dr Alex White.

The first point of reference for prospective graduate students is the Board of Graduate Studies. All enquiries about University courses should be addressed to:

The Secretary, Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge CB2 1RZ, United Kingdom.

There is a central admissions scheme for postgraduate entry into the University of Cambridge and it is not necessary to apply separately to Peterhouse. Applicants specify their choice of college on the University’s application form. If the University decides to offer you a place, this form will then automatically be passed on to Peterhouse.

However, applicants for Peterhouse Research Studentships must apply for these through the College's online application system, a link to which will be provided on the College's home page by December 1st.  The deadline for applications for the research studentship competition for 2014-15 will be 10 January 2014.  Note that applicants for Peterhouse Research Studentships must also apply for those University and Research Council Studentships (e.g. AHRC, CHESS, CISS) for which they are eligible.  Otherwise their application will not normally be considered.

Full details of the Cambridge application procedures can be found on the University Graduate Admissions website.