Aims of the College

The “laudable design” of Hugo de Balsham, as expressed in the College’s founding instruments, was “to introduce scholars in the schools, who are to live together and study in the University of Cambridge; to dwell in the same College for ever, and employ themselves with appropriate study, to the praise of God and the perpetual augmentation of the same university.”

This forms the basis for the College’s statutory purpose, the advancement of education, religion, learning and research, and the College pursues its charitable objects for the public benefit through a wide variety of activities, including:

  • admitting undergraduates from a diverse range of educational, social and cultural backgrounds for University courses and admitting graduate students from those accepted by the University;
  • providing, in conjunction with the University, a world-class education for undergraduates, particularly through College-based individual or small-group supervision and direction of studies;
  • supporting students financially and rewarding excellence through the provision of bursaries, scholarships, prizes and grants, as well as assisting students in particular financial hardship;
  • providing pastoral care to both undergraduates and graduate students through the Tutorial system and other welfare and support mechanisms;
  • providing accommodation, catering and other services for both students and Fellows as underpinning the concept of a multi-disciplinary academic community;
  • providing library, computing, cultural, sporting and social facilities to enable students to achieve their full potential both academically and otherwise;
  • supporting academic research of the highest quality through annual competitions for election to Research Fellowships and Research Studentships, through the research activities of both Fellows and graduate students, and regular academic visitors;
  • maintaining services in the Chapel daily during Full Term, promoting the activities of the choir and fostering the spiritual welfare of College members irrespective of denomination or faith;
  • preserving and enhancing the endowments and benefactions, historic buildings and grounds of the College for the benefit of future generations.

As part of a collegiate university the long-term success of the College as a centre of academic and educational excellence is dependent upon the continuance of the University of Cambridge’s world-class standing.