Appeal for a new scull

Appeal for a new scull

Rowers have benefitted hugely over the years from using the two PBC sculls. Sculling is a key aspect of rowing development, both for honing individual skills and as an important part of the trialing process for university crews. In addition sculls provide a great opportunity for graduate students and others during the vacations.  

Unfortunately, after c. 16 years of service, the current shells are approaching the end of their lifetime. While they can continue for training novice scullers, their weight and need for constant repairs mean that they are no longer fit for regular use. Given the importance of sculling, and especially with the current successes of University triallists, the PBC Committee is keen to replace the two old sculls with new boats.

After careful deliberation the Boat Club would like to purchase a new Janousek single scull with aluminium 3 stay riggers and a new set of blades.

The PBC Fund is currently structured towards purchasing a new VIII every three years. A new scull would therefore be additional to the Fund’s regular commitments. Interested alumni may recall that the recent exciting purchase of a new IV, the Frank Suess, in addition to a new VIII, The Dixons, was made possible due to extremely generous one-off personal donations, in part facilitated by the 1828 Club. We are eager to commit a proportion of 1828 Club annual subscription fees towards the cost of these new sculls, but are aware too of the need for sustained capital growth in the PBC Fund. The 1828 Club Committee is therefore proud to be spearheading the appeal for donations towards the cost of the new scull. Whatever you may feel able to give - whether £5, £50, £500 or more - your donation will be gratefully received. Please  contact Holly Ashcroft  in the Development Office for more information.

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