Students moving in to St Peter's Terrace

College-Based Counselling

In addition to the University Counselling Service (UCS) the college has a Counsellor based at 1 St Peters Terrace, Room 4. Appointments are available between 9.00 and 5.00 on Mondays during Full Term.

The Service is free and available to all students at Peterhouse. Students who are intermitting from their studies may be referred to their GPs or offered a limited service with a view to referral.

How do I make an appointment?

Many people sort out problems by talking to friends, family or staff in their College or Department. For others it is a matter of looking up information about things that concern them; the UCS has a large section of self-help information on their website. However, there are times when this isn't enough and you may wish to speak to the College-Based Counsellor in a private setting.

If you would like further information or to book an appointment you can contact the College-based Counsellor.  A new College Counsellor is to be appointed for 2017-18 and the relevant contact details will be updated in due course.

Please note the fact you are a member of Peterhouse in your enquiry. The counsellor will reply to your email with an appointment which you will be asked to confirm within a stated period of time.

During peak times, your details may be placed on a waiting list until a suitable appointment becomes available.