College Nurse - Peterhouse Health Centre

During full term students can book an appointment with College Nurse, Mrs Natasha Kear. 

Natasha is a health professional (RGN) with many years of experience and training, particularly supporting students with a wide range of health and wellbeing needs, within the Cambridge University environment.

The College Nurse offers confidential assessment, support and advice for minor illness and injuries, wound care, mental health and wellbeing issues, sexual health and contraception advice, general health advice, and general support for all manner of worries and personal or emotional issues. If more specialised help or treatment is required, Natasha can refer or point you in the right direction whether via your GP, another health practitioner or other local service.

Contact Details

Office: Peterhouse Health Centre, Fen Court
Tel: 01223 338222


Scheduled appointments are available on week days during full term. 

Clinic is open daily - mornings, Monday - Friday, from approx 08.45am.

See Moodle for more information and online appointment booking.


Both remote (Zoom) and in-person consultations are available (see Moodle for details).

Appointments are released 1 week in advance for online booking - or you can email the College Nurse for assistance if needed.

There are two types of slot available - general or extended. You can book either for any reason. However, as a guide:

General appointments30-minute slots for assessment or advice - for example:

  • Minor illness or injury
  • Wound care
  • Longer-term medical issues 
  • Any general / clinical health query
  • A shorter, preliminary appointment prior to follow up (eg for mental health and wellbeing support).

Extended appointments45-minute slots allowing more time to talk in confidence for any reason - for example:

  • Mental health and well-being support
  • Longer-term health or medical issues
  • Disability or specific learning disability.
  • General support for worries, personal or emotional issues.

Urgent need? If unable to book an appointment you can email the College Nurse. However if clinic is fully booked and you are concerned, or your need is urgent please contact your GP surgery or NHS111.


If you're in residence in College and have possible Covid-19 symptoms, have already tested positive or you've been contacted by NHS Test and Trace please:

  1. Self-isolate straight away. See here for information about self-care.
  2. Get tested if you haven't already.
  3. Complete the College Support Form and the University Covid Monitoring Form.
  4. Inform the Porters on 01223 - 338200.
  5. For further advice and support, book an appointment via Moodle or email the College Nurse.

If you would like more information please refer to current NHS advice, the University Stay Safe campaign and GOV.UK guidance.


To contact a GP or nurse when the Health Centre is closed, call your GP practice.  

Call 111 – for NHS111 – offers 24 hr medical advice and urgent assessment out of hours

Call 111, option 2 – for NHS First Response Service - 24 hr access to mental health advice, support and treatment

Call 999 – for genuine emergencies (serious illness or injury) dial 999 and then immediately inform the Porter's Lodge (01223 338200).

For further information or to access other local health-care services, visit NHS online


All Junior Members, once registered with a local Cambridge GP, are required to complete a 'Registration with a Cambridge GP' webform. Please ensure this is completed and submitted by the date shown on the form and in your Health Centre information pack. The webform can also be used to update your details if you change your GP practice during your time at Peterhouse.


All freshers should receive a Health Centre information pack (by email) prior to arrival which includes details of how to complete your confidential, online Student Health Questionnaire. This information provides the basis for your confidential Health Centre record during your time here, so please complete as comprehensively as possible and return by the date requested. If you've not received your information pack or link for your Student Health Questionnaire, please email the College Nurse.


Any information shared during consultations is treated in the strictest medical confidence and will not be divulged without your consent or co-operation (confidentiality statement).

The College Nurse records information from student consultations, which is stored electronically. The software and database in use is housed in an external secure data centre owned and used exclusively by the providing company offering health industry-standard data security. Further details can be found here.

As a Registered Nurse, all consultation records are kept for a minimum of 8 years after a student has left college, this is in line with the current Royal College of Nursing recommendations which can be viewed here.