Availability for Interviews 2016

Availability for Interviews 2016

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To compensate for the loss of UMS from AS levels, and to allow better comparison across applicants from all qualification systems and backgrounds, the University is introducing a number of Admissions Assessments. These assessments are being produced by Faculties and Departments, and as such are subject-specific. Some will be pre-interview, and others will be at-interview, depending on the course chosen.

The marking of pre-interview assessments involves a substantial role for the College and for Directors of Studies and necessitates a number of small changes to the admissions process, outlined below.

Status message

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Current proposed timeline

Date Event DoS' role
15 Oct Candidates apply to Cambridge and sign up for relevant test. N/A
28 Oct CAO circulate Subject Moderation spreadsheets. These will be updated in Nov with scores for subjects with pre-interview assessments  
2 Nov Candidates sit pre-interview Admissions Assessment for their course (where applicable). Admissions Team to shortlist possible deselects. Ineligible applicants may be deregistered at this stage. You may be asked to advise on our deselect shortlist.
4-14 Nov CAO receive script portions of tests, distribute to Colleges for marking. You are responsible for marking these scripts before making deselection decisions. You are free to outsource this if you wish but there is no funding available.
w/c 14 Nov Circulation of results for section 1 of pre-interview assessments. Deselection decisions must be finalised during this week. Be available for Deselection consultations
w/c 14 Nov Admissions Offices invite candidates to interview, inform deselects. N/A
25 Nov College test/interview reading/interview prep deadline  
Late Nov Second circulation of Subject Moderation spreadsheets for subjects with pre-interview assessments  
1-19 Dec Interviews, including at-interview Admissions Assessments (where applicable). Keep Admissions Office informed of your availability. Avoid making unbreakable commitments during this period.
13-16 Dec Pre-pool meetings  
3-5 Jan Winter Pool Attend Pool
11-13 Jan Pool interviews Fishing subjects may need to be available for interview

As you can see from this timetable, it is essential that DoSes in subjects with pre-interview assessments are available for the marking of scripts between the 4th and 18thNovember and  for deselection consultation during w/c 14 November. DoSes in subjects with at-interview assessments or in Mathematics and Music can make deselection decisions at any time from the 31st October to the 18th November. However, the Admissions Team are likely to be very busy during the week commencing 14th November and prompt decisions would be greatly appreciated.