Availability for Interviews 2017

Please take 2 minutes to complete this form. You may need to liaise with some of your subject colleagues to answer some of these questions. The more information you can give us now, the fewer emails we will need to send you during term time!

While you've got your diary out, you may wish to make a note of the below dates.
Interview period: 27th Nov-18th Dec
Tests, pre-interview prep and reading due: Monday 6th Nov
Deselection: w/c 13th Nov, to be completed by Friday 17th Nov
Pre-pool meetings: 14th-18th Dec
Winter Pool: 2nd-4th Jan
This will only be used to contact you if required during the interview period
Please provide your availability between Monday 27th Nov and Monday 18th Dec. I would be grateful if you could be as flexible as possible, including details of part days (e.g. available until 2pm on Fri 8th)
Please indicate which pairings you would like to interview in.
Does our spreadsheet match your expectations in terms of interview lengths, prep time and tests? If not, explain why here.
If your subject will be using a text/some problems as stimulus for discussion at interview, who will set this?
If you are NOT based in Peterhouse, where would you like your admissions files to be delivered? If you are based in Peterhouse, they will be distributed to your pigeon hole.
Use this box to add any nuances/preferences to the availability you have already given (e.g. only available from 10am on Tuesday 8th). You can also use this box to let me know if you are interviewing for another College with which I will need to liaise.