Peterhouse Area Links Taster Day confirmation

Peterhouse, Cambridge would like to invite state schools or colleges in Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire and the London Borough of Hillingdon to nominate students to attend our annual Year 12 Taster Days in April. As part of our continued efforts to improve relationships and communication with schools and colleges via the College Area Links Scheme (, this event is designed to help broaden access to the University of Cambridge for students Peterhouse's link areas Based in Cambridge’s first college, this day is intended to give students a taste of what studying at a competitive university might be like and will include lectures, tours and the opportunity to meet some of our current undergraduates and teaching staff, all with the aim of demystifying the University of Cambridge and raising aspirations. We will also include a session advising students on how to make a competitive applications to university and stretch themselves further academically.

We are looking for high-achieving Year 12 students who would benefit from the Peterhouse Area Links Residential but who would not otherwise find the opportunity to visit the University; perhaps because they cannot afford to or because they are skeptical as to whether Cambridge is for them. The students should be top academic performers amongst their cohort, but this day is not exclusively about Oxbridge and we would welcome students considering applying for competitive or high-tariff courses at any university.

If you are interested in attending, please contact the Admissions Team to reserve spaces and then complete this form to confirm names and details. Places are limited to a maximum of 10 students per school, although smaller bookings are welcome. Groups of five or more must be accompanied by a member of staff. Schools may only attend one Taster Day.

If you have students attending our Area Links Residential earlier in April, your school is still entirely welcome to attend both events, but please do not book the same students on to this day, which is intended to serve as an alternative to the residential event.

School/College details
How many students would you like to bring? We can accommodate up to 10 students per school or College but please note that groups of 5 or more must be accompanied by a teacher.
You should have already reserved a date with the admissions team and had it confirmed by email.