Replacement University Card Request

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Please use this form to request a replacement University Card in the event that yours has been lost, stolen, damaged or is otherwise not working.

The University levies the following charges for a replacement University Card:

  • Lost card - £10
  • Stolen card - Free of charge if crime number issued by the police supplied, £10 otherwise.
  • Damaged card - Free of charge, but the damaged card must be returned to avoid a £10 fee
  • Expired card - if your card has expired, it will be replaced free of charge if you are still a member of the University

These charges are invoiced to the College and will be added to your College bill. If you are replacing a damaged card, you must return the damaged card to the Porters when you collect the replacement.

Once you have submitted your request for a replacement card, the process is automatic and a new card will be issued. If you subsequently find your old card we are unable to cancel the issuing of a replacement card.

Expired Cards - the University Card Office no longer automatically issues a replacement card if your current card expires whilst you are still a member of the University. You will need to order a new card using the form below, please allow a week for delivery if you wish to receive your new card before the old one has expired.