Current Campaign Initiatives

Graduate Studentships

The College has decided to make increasing the number of graduate studentships at Peterhouse a priority of the next phase of the Campaign. 

The Fellows are increasingly concerned that the real impact of increased tuition fees will be felt in a reduced number of able students choosing to undertake graduate studies.  When they graduate they will be confronted with the reality of significant debt and may well be disinclined to increase their debt to pay for further education.  In addition, it is increasingly assumed that PhD candidates will have a Masters degree, even though there is little or no central funding available for Masters degrees. 

We have therefore established two graduate studentship funds, one for the arts and one for sciences. Donations to either one are viewed as ‘expendable endowment’  meaning that if suitable candidates present themselves we can spend donations as they are received, if not, then the donations will be used to augment the endowment fund.  We also welcome donors who wish to sponsor a student for the duration of their course, or to endow a studentship in perpetuity. The Development Director will be delighted to discuss these options with you.

Undergraduate Support

The College has numerous named funds created by Petreans to provide support to undergraduates in cases of financial hardship or for extra-curricular activities.  Contributions to these funds, or the endowment of new ones, are always welcome and the expansion of these funds will continue to play a major part in the Development Campaign. A recent concern has been the number of highly talented overseas students unable to meet the financial requirements of entry and we would like to provide our Admissions Tutors with a fund to use at their discretion to assist in such circumstances.

Support for the College Libraries

The Ward and the Perne Libraries are a remarkable teaching resource. The College updates the holdings in the Ward (undergraduate) Library from the endowment as part of our core costs, but there are additional developments which would be highly desirable but are less clearly aligned to our core purpose. Recent donations have, for example, enabled us to catalogue materials and books held in our modern archive to make them more accessible to scholars.  Thanks to the generosity of Petreans we have also embarked on an ambitious program of digitisation in collaboration with the University Library - starting with the Equatorie and the Whittle papers. Other materials will be added as we have the funds. The College seeks to maintain a representative collection of works by or about Petreans, buying retrospectively as appropriate. Recent purchases, for instance, have included manuscripts and books connected with Thomas Gray. Finally, there are books that have never been in the collections but ought to be there, given our existing strengths. For example, we were originally given less than a third of the books that once belonged to Andrew Perne and we are keen to buy the rest if they ever become available.

Restoration of the Chapel and the Organ

The fabric of the chapel and the organ are in need of attention. In early 2017 the College is looking to appoint a firm of organ builders to undertake a major refurbishment of the Snetzler organ.  The brief will be to retain the existing Snetzler pipes and the case in order to re-create an instrument worthy of the original ambition.  We have already had a number of donations to the organ fund and we will be launching an appeal as soon as we know the precise cost.  It will be 2019 at the earliest before the organ is re-installed and a number of repairs to the fabric of the chapel will need to be completed before then. In the summer of 2017 the perished aluminium roof will be replaced by lead and we expect to have to undertake some restoration of the east window while the scaffolding is in place. The following summer we hope to turn our attention to the interior - particularly the heating and lighting.  While this work is in progress we will try to return the chapel's acoustic to what it must have been before the introduction of heating.  Much of these costs will be born by the endowment as core maintenance costs, but as the work proceeds additional works that are desirable though not essential will emerge - these will be made possible by the chapel fund.  The Development Director will be delighted to discuss these with any Petreans interested.

This is also  an opportune moment to develop a master plan for the restoration of the Chapel. The first step will be a conference with papers on the history of the organ, the chapel and its ornamentation and discussions of best practice planned for the first weekend of October. 

Graduate Sports Scholarships

The College would like to establish a flexible number of scholarships for international sports men and women who have already been admitted to the University for Graduate Studies.  The scholarships will consist of an award of £5,000 per year plus further contributions towards training and other costs from endowment funds the College already has for the purpose.

Music Scholarships

Alongside the new organ, the College is very keen further to enhance the musical life of the College with the establishment of additional grants and awards for our undergraduate and graduate musicians.

The Gardens

The gardens are a much valued resource for the whole College community as a place for quiet reflection and meetings with friends and colleagues.  The endowment covers its maintenance but there are always additional projects that need support. A group of friends of the late Neil Plevy, for example, donated a sum of money which has been used to enhance both ends of the garden. If you would like to support a project in the garden the Development Director will be delighted to put you in touch with the Garden Steward.

Appeal for a new scull

Rowers have benefitted hugely over the years from using the two PBC sculls. Sculling is a key aspect of rowing development, both for honing individual skills and as an important part of the trialing process for university crews. In addition sculls provide a great opportunity for graduate students and others during the vacations.  

Unfortunately, after c. 16 years of service, the current shells are approaching the end of their lifetime. While they can continue for training novice scullers, their weight and need for constant repairs mean that they are not longer fit for regular usage. Given the importance of sculling, and especially with the current successes of University triallists, the PBC Committee is keen to replace the two old sculls with new boats.

After careful deliberation the Boat Club would like to purchase a new Janousek single scull with aluminium 3 stay riggers and a new set of blades. The total cost of this is £5630.

The PBC Fund is currently structured towards purchasing a new VIII every three years. A new scull would therefore be additional to the Fund’s regular commitments. Interested alumni may recall that the recent exciting purchase of a new IV, the Frank Suess, in addition to a new VIII, The Dixons, was made possible due to extremely generous one-off personal donations, in part facilitated by the 1828 Club. We are eager to commit a proportion of 1828 Club annual subscription fees towards the cost of these new sculls, but are aware too of the need for sustained capital growth in the PBC Fund. The 1828 Club Committee is therefore proud to be spearheading the appeal for donations towards the cost of the new scull. Whatever you may feel able to give - whether £5, £50, £500 or more - your donation will be gratefully received. Please  contact Holly Ashcroft  in the Development Office for more information.