International Freshers Week


Monday, September 24, 2018 - 7:30pm to Friday, September 28, 2018 - 5:30pm


Hi everyone,

For all international students (everyone who identifies as being from outside of England), you have the option of taking part in something the week before everyone else arrives during official Freshers’ Week: International Freshers’ WeekMonday 24 - Friday 28 September 2018.

Colleges’ international officers are working in conjunction with each other and iCUSU (International Cambridge University Student Union) to organise induction events, socials, admin assistance and more, to try and make it a smoother transition for all international students moving to England for the first time. Arriving earlier before the madness of Freshers’ Week can also be super helpful to adapt from jet lag, buy essentials, meet other international people, and properly settle and move in, which home students may not have to experience as much.

Disclaimer: this is not a compulsory event, come along if you want! Alternatively, you can flexibly arrive anytime during the week, and can still take part in events! Early arrival home students (e.g.- those coming before for pre-season sports training) are more than welcome to take part in Peterhouse events (although those organised by iCUSU are for internationals only unfortunately).

To give a heads up for arranging travel, the provisional dates for Peterhouse’s IFW (each college can vary slightly) is Mon 24th Sept- Fri 28th Sep. Closer to the time, there will be an official sign up form, so the accommodation office are aware of who is arriving earlier than when the room license begins.

The finalised Peterhouse IFW timetable will be published later, but in the meantime, the official iCUSU timetable is here  (our events are arranged around it). For more information and to stay updated:

Visit iCUSU’s website:

Follow iCUSU’s Facebook page:

Add me, your international rep 2018-19 on Facebook @Yung Lo

Contact me via email:

Join the Peterhouse International Freshers 2018 Facebook group (have to be added through me as the admin).

Looking forward to meeting you all!