Extra Financial Support

Extra Financial Support 2019-20

Thanks to the continuing generosity of large numbers of Petreans past and present, Peterhouse is in the fortunate position of having funds available for the support of its undergraduates and graduates.  Careful stewardship by the current and previous bursar has ensured that these have grown steadily in value and are now quite significant.  Last year we were able to help students a total of 761 times - it is not unusual for students to be awarded more than one grant in the course of a single year. In addition, 77 students were in receipt of Cambridge Bursaries which are partially funded by the College.  Different categories of grant are distributed in different ways. Undergraduate Bursaries are means tested and awarded in collaboration with central bodies as part of the Cambridge Bursaries Scheme.  Peterhouse Research Studentships and Scholarships are awarded by the Research Studentships Committee.  Other grants, such as hardship grants, are distributed by the Grants Committee and travel grants are distributed by the Travel Grants Committee.

Undergraduate  Bursaries: 77 students were in receipt of Cambridge Bursaries at a total cost to the College of just over £215,890 from the endowment, the Postan Fund, the Dick and Edna Airey Fund and donations from Petreans including the Friends of Peterhouse.

Research Studentships and Scholarships: 31 full or partial Peterhouse Graduate Studentships were awarded at a total cost to the College of £741,650.  In addition, two sport scholarships were awarded at a total cost of £10,000.

Travel grants: 131 travel grants were awarded, totalling £31,039.

Book Grants: 14 awards were made, totalling £1,117.21.

Cowling Fund: (bursaries for historians) 16 awards, totalling £4,136.79.

Donation Fund: (awards for hardship, vacation residence, medical expenses) 11 awards, totalling £51,721.41.

Edward Lipman Fund:  (financial assistance for graduates and undergraduates in Classics, English, History, Music, and Politics) 1 award, totalling £502.72.

Bruckmann: (made possible by a substantial donation from PACK Bruckmann (m. 1936); used to support language study and travel abroad related to conferences and research) 35 awards, totalling £25,604.49.

Friends of Peterhouse: (variety of purposes hardship, medical, welfare, sporting, and research) 62 grants, totalling £30,901.72.

Friends of Peterhouse Wellbeing Fund: (to purchase anything that would help support general well-being during the COVID Pandemic) 197 grants, totalling £17,142.11.

Stemson: (to help with the cost of representing the University in sport) 19 awards, totalling £4,703.99.

Gehring Fund: (for overseas students in financial difficulty) 3 awards, totalling £1,209.67.  

Greta Burkill Fund for Graduates: (for graduate students for a variety of purposes including language courses, travel to conferences and travel for research) 41 grants, totalling £20,848.74.

Gunn Studentships: (towards the final year of a Ph.D.) 3 awards totalling of £3,000.

Plevy Newman Fund:  (for medical students): 19 awards totalling £10,476.15.

Kidd Bequest:  (vacation study grants) 61 awards, totalling £20,062.81.

Mariott Fund: 2 awards totalling £410.80.

Morgan Fund:  (support for those seeking ordination) 6 awards, totalling £23,089.83.

Muir Wood Award:  (for graduates in Maths Engineering and Science attending conferences, hardship and long vacation residence) 1 award, totalling £271.00.

Jeremiah Markland Fund: 3 awards, totalling £713.00.

Herton Family Fund: (undergraduate medicine and science) no awards were made in 2019-20.

Jepson Fund: (hardship fund for medical students) 3 awards, totalling £1,989.00.

Donald Higham Fund: (bursaries and hardship for Natural Sciences/Science) 26 awards totalling £12,486.67.

George Crisp Studentship: (medical or theology students) 2 awards, totalling £367.60.

Lord Dacre Language Fund: (History and Classics) no awards made during 2019-20.

Gita Padmanaban Prize: this award in the sum of £300 is made via the Tutorial Recommendations and is a Prize given for Physics and Mathematics.  The award was not made in 2019-20.