Fellows taking coffee in the Garden

Fellows by Seniority


1976 Dr Philip Pattenden Classics, Garden Steward,, Editor of Record,, Praelector
1983 Dr Solomos Solomou Economics
1989 Professor Andy Parker Physics
1989 Professor Phil Woodland Engineering
1990 Professor Simon Deakin Law
1991 Dr Sophie Jackson Chemistry, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions
1993 Professor Brendan Simms History
1993 Dr Mari Jones Modern and Medieval Languages (French, Linguistics), Tutor
1993 Dr James Carleton Paget Divinity, Tutor
1994 Professor Andrew Lever Medicine
1995 Dr Jennifer Wallace English, Director of Studies in English
1998 Mr Scott Mandelbrote History, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions, Perne Librarian, Ward Librarian
2000 Dr Alex White Engineering
2000 Professor Paul Midgley Materials Science
2001 Dr Robert Ross Russell Medicine
2006 Dr Magnus Ryan History
2006 Dr Christopher Tilmouth English
2007 Revd Dr Stephen Hampton Divinity, Dean, Fellow in Theology
2008 Dr András Zsák Mathematics, Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions
2008 Dr Christopher Lester Physics, Director of Studies in Natural Sciences (Physical), Tutor for Graduate Affairs (Science) .
2009 Professor Tim Crane Philosophy
2011 Dr Saskia Murk Jansen Senior Tutor, Director of Development, Tutor
2011 Professor Michael Moriarty Modern and Medieval Languages
2012 Professor Steven Connor English, Tutor for Graduate Affairs (Arts)
2012 Dr Thomas Hooper History, Director of Studies (Part I)
2013 Mr Ian Wright Senior Bursar
2013 Dr James Talbot Engineering
2013 Dr Timothy Dickens Chemistry, Tutor for Graduate Admissions; , Director of Studies - Chemistry.
2013 Professor Richard Holton Philosophy
2014 Dr Antara Haldar Law
2014 Dr David Tourigny Molecular Biology, Applied Mathematics
2015 Dr Matthew Shores Asian & Middle Eastern Studies
2015 Dr Laura McCormick Kilbride English
2015 Dr Clarice Poon Applied Mathematics
2015 Professor John Robb Archaeology
2016 Dr Sophie Lunn-Rockliffe Theology and Religious Studies, College Lectureship
2016 Dr Graham Christie Chemical Engineering, Biological Sciences, College Lectureship
2016 Dr Laura Hardwick Molecular Biology
2016 Dr Rachel Fraser Philosophy
2016 Dr Thomas Michaels Physics
2017 Dr Teng Long Engineering
2017 Dr Colin Watts Medicine


1987 Dr John Adamson History
1991 Dr Dick Plumb Electrical Engineering
1995 Professor Daniel St Johnston Genetics, Biological Sciences
2008 Professor Stephan Hofmann Engineering
2010 Dr Robert Ritz Economics
2010 Dr Nicholas Zair Classics, Linguistics, Director of Studies in Linguistics
2013 Dr Rebecca Voorhees Molecular Biology, Director of Studies - Biology
2014 Dr Andrew Tanentzap Biological Sciences
2015 Dr Anders Hansen Mathematics
2016 Dr Julian Ghosh Law
2016 Dr Lizzie Stewart Modern and Medieval Languages
2016 Dr Laura Diaz Anadon Human, Social and Political Sciences

Emeritus Fellows

1989    Professor J A Davis Fellow 1979-88
1989    Revd Professor E R Norman Fellow 1971-88
1991    Professor E J Kenney Fellow 1953-91
1992    Professor J Heyman Fellow 1949-51 & 1955-92
1993    Professor J B Beer Fellow 1964-93
1998    Professor M A Ferguson-Smith Fellow 1986-98
1999    Dr J A Greenwood Fellow 1971-99
2000    Professor N A Cumpsty Fellow 1972-99
2002    Professor C R Calladine Fellow 1960-2002
2003    Dr H T Croft Fellow 1961-2003
2004    Dr R J Skaer Fellow 1961-2004
2004    Dr R W Lovatt Fellow 1962-2004, Archivist
2008    Professor D J Watkin Fellow 1970-2008
2009    Dr R A Crowther Fellow 1981-2009
2012    Mr M S Golding Fellow 1970-2012
2013    Mr R S G Grigson Fellow 2003-2012
2016 Dr Roderick Munday Fellow 1974-2016

College Lecturer

2002 Dr Elizabeth Drayson Modern and Medieval Languages
2013 Dr Zoe Groves History
2016 Dr Justin Gerlach Biological Sciences

Visiting Fellow

2017 Professor Ian Haynes Archaeology