There are many sources of financial support available to Peterhouse undergraduates. Please follow the hyperlinks for more information. 

Student Finance (UK students only) - information on tuition fee and maintenance loans.

Cambridge Bursary Scheme (UK students only) - students eligible for a UK student loan may also be eligible for an annual, non-repayable bursary of up to £3,500, depending on household income. This is awarded automatically if you agree to share your student finance information with us and does not need to be applied for separately. 

Peterhouse Overseas Scholarships (students from outside the UK only) - Peterhouse will be offering up to two full-cost scholarships for candidates applying in October 2023 with overseas fee status from countries not covered by the Jardine Scholarship scheme, including students from the European Union. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, with consideration for the level of financial need of the individual student. Partial support for further candidates may also be available.

Cambridge Overseas Trust (students from outside the UK only) - the main source of scholarships for undergraduate overseas wishing to study at Cambridge. These are full or part-cost awards, which may be specific to country, region or subject studied. This includes the Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship for students from areas of instability or conflict. 

Jardine Scholarships (students from China and South East Asia only) - full-cost scholarships for students available to students from China and South East Asia. Peterhouse is one of only four Colleges within the University of Cambridge which participate in this scheme. 

Grants, College Scholarships and College Prizes (for current Peterhouse students only) - further support and awards available to students while they are studying at Peterhouse.


When I needed funding for field work over the summer I was able to talk to the Senior Tutor and the College was really helpful.