Fitness to Study Procedure

When there are concerns about the fitness to study of one of our students either undergraduate or postgraduate there are certain procedures that are followed.

The fitness to study document outlines the steps to be taken by the College when there is concern that a Student’s behavior or health has the potential to disrupt or threaten the welfare or academic progress of the student himself or herself or of others in the academic community

Decisions made concerning a student’s fitness to study are made through a collective supportive process, after appropriate consultation and after consideration of the student's ability to study, learn effectively and complete his/her course successfully.

The procedures in the Fitness to Study document do not take precedence over the relevant provisions of the Colleges Statutes and Ordinances or, where applicable, the University's Statutes and Ordinances.

As a general rule this procedure is only intended for use in cases in which the behavior, disruption or risk presented by the student is perceived to be of a serious or potentially serious nature. Where possible the tutorial system and other student support services should be used as the first port of call, prior to taking any formal action.

Benefits of the procedure

Having this procedure set out enables students to have a document they can refer to, providing them with a clear understanding of their full responsibilities and expectations related to their commitment to study and life within the College community. If and when a problem arises, steps taken are seen to be limited to those necessary to protect the best interests of the student, and other members of the College community and to ensure a consistent and sensitive approach to managing situations. Tutorial, academic or support staff can initiate the procedure when concerns for a student are raised, thus allowing for issues to be detected and addressed in a structured manner as early as possible. Shared concerns in different sections of the College and the University community can be formally collated by the use of this process.

 In advance of this policy being initiated there are other support services in the College and the University to which students may be directed by Tutors or other support staff, if it is felt that this may be of benefit.

For students with a mental or physical health difficulty the first port of call should be the College Tutor, but they are also are strongly advised to consult all relevant support services available in the College and University (See below). 

University Mental health Advisors

University Counselling Service

Cambridge University Students Union

The Graduate Union

Disability Resource Centre

Occupational Health

Student Advice Service

Adult Eating Disorder Service



Alcoholics anonymous

Cocaine anonymous