Student Christmas Dinner

Formal Hall and events


Formal Hall

Formal Hall is ordinarily available every evening during Full Term, bookable dates can be found on Upay.

Formal Hall costs £7.20 and the charge is deducted from the balance held on the individual’s Upay account.  Bookings may be made three weeks in advance, and close by 1.30pm on the day (1.30pm on Saturday for Sunday evenings) so that final numbers are available to the catering staff.  Please queue to enter the Hall via the Servery, from Old Court.

Formal Hall Menus Easter 2022


Guests in Formal Hall

Guest tickets can be purchased on Upay, with a £3.10 guest charge. Guest tickets are subject to VAT.  Any dietary requirements should be indicated in advance.  Junior Members can ordinarily purchase a maximum of six guest tickets for a single Formal Hall and are expected to be present in Hall for the duration of dinner in order to host their guests.  Larger numbers (up to twelve guests) require the permission of the Senior Tutor in the form of a group dining permit.  Dining permits may be obtained by e-mail to:


Wine in Formal Hall

Junior Members are permitted to bring wine into Formal Hall.  This may be purchased from the College Bar.  If wine bought externally is taken into Hall, a corkage fee of £2.00 per bottle is payable.  Spirits, liqueurs and Port are not permitted in Formal Hall.



From time to time the Catering department organise Super-halls, in place of Formal Hall.  Bookings for these events should also be made on Upay, where details of the menu and booking procedure (including maximum guest numbers) can be found.  The price of tickets for these special events will be indicated on the booking information.


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