Informing the College

The making of a Will is an intensely personal matter and the College makes no assumption that those who chose to leave a legacy to Peterhouse will necessarily wish to inform the College in their lifetime. It is equally understood that circumstances can alter, and that the dispositions made in a Will can accordingly change over time. The College is, however, particularly grateful when its members and friends choose to let us know.

This is for three reasons:

  • so that the College can have some idea of the legacies which it can expect over time, and make allowance in its long-term financial planning accordingly. Such information is encouraging to us, and the knowledge that the College is supported in this way can encourage others to help, though all correspondence is obviously treated in the strictest confidence;
  • so that, if you have specific wishes as to how you would like your legacy to be deployed, we can discuss them with you and ensure that your wishes can be given effect in a way with which you are content;
  • so that we have opportunity to express our gratitude to you in your lifetime by including you in the list of members of the William Stone Society and by inviting you to events.

A simple note, email, or telephone call at any time to the Development Director will ensure that we are made aware of your intentions. Alternatively, please complete the attached Legacy Pledge Form and return it to us. Similarly, it will be very helpful to be kept informed if at any time your intentions change. Such a pledge is in no way binding and involves you in no legal obligation whatever.