University Accounts

You should have already received your University Login (Raven) and email account (Hermes). If you have not received these, then please contact us via email and we can register you for these accounts


Many services across the University use this login system for access control. After receiving the initial Raven Password You may  Change your Raven Password  to something of your own choice. If you forget your password then please contact us


University Email Exchange Online

Once you have retrieved your username (CRSid) and UIS (Raven) password you will be able to set up your University email account. The University use Exchange Online. Please see this link for information on how to set it up.


University card

You should also have received your University Card which identifies you in the Library and elsewhere, and is used for door access in College and your department. Please contact us if you do not have a University Card. 

Network Connections

Editing Your Web profile Page

Cisco Desk Telephones

The College Calendar

Microsoft Software