Peterhouse and all of its accommodation is centrally located, but off the tourist trail and in a relatively quiet part of town.  The majority of academic sites students will need to visit are within a ten-minute walk (shorter by bicycle), with shops and amenities also close by.

The College occupies a surprisingly spacious site, including extensive gardens, both formal and informal.  These are a well kept secret, even in Cambridge, and provide a peaceful haven for study or relaxation during the summer months.

Peterhouse is strikingly pretty and features a range of historic buildings, some of which date back to the College's foundation.  There is a real sense of history as our students live, work and play in buildings that have been in continuous use for over 700 years.


Peterhouse postgraduate students enjoy some of the best rooms in Cambridge and are housed together so that it's easy to make friends in the first few months.

Most postgraduate accommodation consists of single rooms in shared accommodation, but there are also some flats available for couples and a very few that could be suitable for couples with children.

See our accommodation section for more information.

What does it cost?

Peterhouse deliberately offers a wide range of rents to suit all budgets, with rents determined by room size and facilities.  For the academic year 2022/23, monthly rents for rooms range from £350 to £631, and for self-contained flats from £727 to £1209.  These rents include all utilities, computer connection charges (not the flats on Parkside), and some cleaning.


The Fellowship encourages dining together as part of the rich experience of coming to Peterhouse. Catering charges are structured accordingly.


Cafeteria-style breakfast, lunch and supper are available every day except Sundays (supper only).  The Servery typically offers a choice of individually priced hot dishes and vegetables, a salad bar, desserts, fruit, sandwiches, snacks and hot and cold drinks.  A vegetarian option is always available and wherever possible the Kitchens will try to meet special dietary requirements.

Formal Hall

In addition Peterhouse continues to offer the option of a more formal sitting every evening.  Formal Hall is a three course, candle-lit dinner with waiter service.  Popular and inexpensive, Formal Hall is an ideal opportunity for students to spend time with their friends and invite guests from other colleges.  Occasional Super Halls are also arranged to test the Kitchens' culinary skills!

The Bar

The College Bar is open every evening, serving a full range of reasonably priced alcoholic and soft drinks.  Recently refurbished, it is a popular venue for students, after Formal Hall or on library breaks.


All of the College's postgraduate accommodation is equipped with full kitchen facilities, either in communal areas or self-contained.


Would I choose Peterhouse again? Absolutely! Top location, great people, excellent food and accommodation. Who wouldn't?

Pete, Engineer