Spirit of 1828

The 1828 Club 2018 Newsletter

31 August 2018

Dear 1828 Club member,

Another year for the 1828 Club has seen us consolidate, concentrating on our core events and building on our membership successes. Our decision to discontinue our February drinks evening was borne out by the success of the May Bumps garden party and Henley Friday luncheon. As we mark ’10 years to go’ from the 2028 anniversary, we are most grateful to the continuing generosity of all our members. You will be pleased to hear that the two new sculls, purchased thanks to your remarkable responses to our recent appeal, will be in constant use over the summer by those remaining in College. 

PBC May Bumps

After a number of years on the up, especially with a small boat club, there is always likely to be a period of adjustment. Old PBC stalwarts leave, and it takes time to develop rowers to take their place. Such was the case this year, when M1, W1 and M2 all dropped four places in the rankings, being bumped each day despite some admirable efforts. The silver lining here, of course, is that the crews will be better placed next year to bump up again. M1 remain at 10th in the first division, and W1 at 15th in the first division: strong positions from which to launch a comeback.

We were extremely pleased with the success of the garden party at Fen Ditton corner on the Saturday. This was once again kindly facilitated by Christopher Gough Goodman, a friend of the College, and organised by the Development Office. The view of the racing from this spot is unparalleled, and we hope to be there again in 2019. We thank Saskia Murk Jansen and Holly Ashcroft for all their hard work and support, the successful result of which is plain to see. This was followed in the evening by an enjoyable Boat Club dinner, where the fact of ‘spoons for all, and all must have spoons’ gave a solidarity to the occasion. For any further details of PBC rowing, do contact secretary@peterhousebc.org.

Henley Royal Regatta drinks: Friday 6th July

It was fantastic to welcome so many to our 1828 Club luncheon tent at Henley Cricket Club on HRR Friday. We had over twenty in the lunch period, and another fifteen in the afternoon break from racing. The Development Office kindly facilitated a delicious sandwich lunch, washed down with copious pimms and sparkling wine, while our gazebo - very welcome due to the heat - was fitted out with brand new PBC bunting. Some excellent racing capped out a splendid day, and it should be noted that a number of PBC alumni had been racing earlier in the week, coached by our very own Bomber Harris. Thanks to all who helped make the day such a success, especially the Bursar for transporting down various logistical elements, and Xander for transporting them back again. We hope, after a generous offer, to be able to offer an even more prestigious lunch location next year, on the very doorstep of the Steward’s Enclosure - more to follow on that at a later date.

Thank you all once again for your support, and for your enjoyment of our events.  For any more details, please do not hesitate to contact Oli Wettern, 1828 Club Secretary - oli@wettern.co.uk.

Kind regards,


Andrei Lebed                                                      Oli Wettern

1828 Club Chairman                                            1828 Club Secretary