The 2021 Student Led Inclusive Practice Award goes to...

14 May 2021

Further to earlier news of her nomination for this year's Student-Led Teaching Awards, the College is delighted to announce that Professor Mari Jones has won the award for Inclusive Practice. Students voted for her as "a member of teaching or pastoral staff who is unusually or impressively proactive in ensuring that their work is inclusive of all students, for example in terms of race, disability, or gender. This refers especially to practices which are inclusive of all by design, rather than to special efforts made with adjustments for individual students". 

Professor Jones was nominated for her commitment to Inclusive Practice, both during the pandemic and beyond. In her teaching, she incorporates straightforward good practice strategies to accommodate the needs of students who may have Specific Learning Difficulties, such as sending out reading lists ahead of Term and spelling out new and unfamiliar technical terms. Recognising that not all students will have had the same prior educational experiences, she teaches without assuming prior contextual knowledge while still delivering challenging material. During the pandemic, she has restructured her teaching, mindful of the many different challenges that online learning can bring to the diverse student community.

Speaking to Varsity, Professor Jones said, "I am mindful that we all have different attitudes towards the risks posed by Covid-19 and I did not want any of my students to feel they had to do anything they felt uncomfortable with – I did not want students unable to return to Cambridge to feel left behind, or disadvantaged in any way." 

Once again huge congratulations to Professor Jones.