Frank Paul

The Cryptic Pub Quiz by Frank Paul

09 August 2018

The Cryptic Pub Quiz by Frank Paul (m. 2004). What do Lady Godiva, an ape, Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit and the Hindu goddess Kali have in common? Which 1959 film is known in Russia as In Jazz There Are Only Girls? What is the smallest four-digit prime number, as well as the largest number to make a valid English word when written in Roman numerals? Which Wiltshire-based team is the only one in the English Football League not to contain any of the letters of the word “mackerel”? The name of which priestess in Greek mythology is also the title of songs by Mariah Carey and Enrique Iglesias? So begins the most challenging and amusing puzzle book you're going to read this year, perhaps ever. Since 2016, The Mill in Cambridge has hosted an unusually fiendish pub quiz: questions might take the form of poems hiding anagrams, 11+ exam-style analogies (but a lot more fun), or a round may allow contestants to use each letter of the alphabet only once. The artist Frank Paul has selected the best of them, which will entertain and perplex your friends. This highly original book is for anyone who loves a brainteasing challenge. Combining the warmth of the pub quiz tradition with the logic and wordplay of the cryptic crossword, it is the perfect gift for the puzzle whizz or University Challenge fan in your life, and great fun at dinner parties. Combined with beautiful and strange illustrations throughout by Paul himself, this is a quiz book like no other. Available from Amazon.