Friday 6 July, 2018: Peterhouse at Henley

31 August 2018

It was fantastic to welcome so many to our 1828 Club luncheon tent at Henley Cricket Club on HRR Friday. We had over twenty in the lunch period, and another fifteen in the afternoon break from racing. A delicious sandwich lunch was washed down with copious pimms and sparkling wine, while our gazebo - very welcome due to the heat - was fitted out with brand new PBC bunting. Some excellent racing capped out a splendid day, and it should be noted that a number of PBC alumni had been racing earlier in the week, coached by our very own Bomber Harris. Thanks to all who helped make the day such a success, especially the Bursar for transporting down various logistical elements, and Xander for transporting them back again. We hope, after a generous offer, to be able to offer an even more prestigious lunch location next year, on the very doorstep of the Steward’s Enclosure - more to follow on that at a later date.