The next Master of Peterhouse

02 February 2016

Ms Bridget KendallThe Fellows of Peterhouse are pleased to announce that they have elected Ms Bridget Kendall to be the next Master of Peterhouse. She will take up office in July 2016 and succeeds Professor Adrian Dixon, who has been Master since 2008.

"This is a great day in the evolving history of Peterhouse. Bridget will bring to the College her exceptional skills in communication and knowledge of international affairs. She also provides an outstanding role model for students and young academics alike. Peterhouse has enjoyed great benefit by electing Masters from a wide range of backgrounds: these include the Church, the Armed Forces, the Diplomatic Services as well as Academia. A distinguished BBC correspondent brings yet a new dimension and I greatly look forward to working with Bridget during the summer handover." Professor Adrian Dixon, Master of Peterhouse and a member of the College for 30 years.

"I feel very privileged to have been chosen by the Fellows of Peterhouse to be their next Master. This is an exceptional College with a distinguished history and record of academic excellence. It represents all that is best about Cambridge University. On my visits to the College I have been struck by its friendly atmosphere and the way it has turned its reputation of being the University's oldest and smallest college to its advantage: balancing a respect for traditions with a readiness to adapt and innovate, and remaining small enough to foster an intimate environment, yet seek engagement with the wider world. I am thrilled to be joining the College and look forward to collaborating with everyone at Peterhouse on the challenges and opportunities ahead."  Bridget Kendall

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