Peterhouse Area Links Residential

29 March 2018

Peterhouse’s Admissions Team hosted a two-day residential visit this week for sixty Year 12 students from across our link area state schools in Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hillingdon. The students were interested in a wide range of subjects and got to experience tasters at departments across Cambridge, supervisions with Peterhouse academics, sessions on applying to Cambridge and, most importantly, punting. One of our supervisors described an ‘excellent session with Year 12 […] on the fate of the Peterhouse deer herd, Galapagos finches and why fish don’t exist […] I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did.’

 It was great to have the students here and we wish them the best of luck as they prepare to apply to university. To find out more about Peterhouse’s outreach and the Area Links scheme, visit or email