Superplasticity: Common Basis for a Near-Ubiquitous Phenomenon by Anantha Padmanabhan

18 December 2018

Springer Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg, identified in 2012 about 40 books, including Superplasticity by Professor Padmanabhan (published in 1980), out of a few thousand published by them during 1842 - 2005 (163 years), and brought them out in both eBook and print forms as part of the Springer Book Archives. Professor Padmanabhan has since written an updated version of the book, available in January. The 1980 book was coauthored by Professor Padmanabhan's PhD thesis supervisor, (then) Dr. G J Davies, now Prof. Sir. Graeme Davies, a former Fellow of St. Catherine's College, Cambridge, who went on to be Vice Chancellor of University of Liverpool, in 1985.  

This book combines the perspectives of materials science of Superplasticity, on the one hand, and those of design and mechanics, on the other, in order to provide a holistic view of materials, design, mechanics and performance which will lead to useful solutions of societal benefits, in addition to providing great intellectual challenges. After considering the experimental evidence for superplasticity in different classes of materials, the book discusses the physics-based models, along with their advantages and limitations. Then, the analyses for superplastic forming available in the framework of continuum mechanics, finite element analysis and numerical simulations are presented. Finally, the authors highlight some successful industrial applications. Available from January 2019