Old Court

Thoughts from American: A Poem by Stanley Marcuss (1963)

10 April 2019

I was at Cambridge

Years ago.


Was cold and damp

Years ago.


A kindling thought in years ago

Romance in mist and thoughts I knew


In cold and damp

I made a fire


Cold and damp

Sparked fearsome flames


Cold and damp

Sparked  furnace spires


Cold and damp

Sparked yearning desires

No water could expire.


Peterhouse, a furnace fire

Searing cauldron

Thoughts in burning

Molten ore

Tempered steel

Of rusticated

Rust and polish

Glistening iron

Supporting things and

Things what’s more.


A thought

A frame

In old age

An and or and or and and an

I steal

To make a beam

To hold the frame of future

To make what’s more of more

Of cold and damp in Peter’s House.