Thursday 16 February, 2017: Peterhouse at the Reform Club

Following the success of the House of Lords' dinnerws in 2015 and 2016, The Peterhouse Society decided on another London-based dinner for 2017. The current Chairman, Lord Thomas of Gresford (m. 1955) generously offered to host the dinner in the beautful surroundings of the Reform Club. Around 70 guests enjoyed a three course meal, followed by a fascinating talk by the Rt Hon. Michael Portillo (m. 1972), British journalist, broadcaster, and former Member of Parliament.

Schools Liaison Officer


Salary £23,080 - £25,483p.a. (pro rata for part time work)

We are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and energetic person to join the Admissions & Outreach team at Peterhouse as a Schools Liaison Officer. The SLO will work alongside the Admissions Tutors and Schools Liaison Officers of the College to take part in outreach activities, primarily in the College’s link areas of Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hillingdon.

International Freshers Week

Hi everyone,

For all international students (everyone who identifies as being from outside of England), you have the option of taking part in something the week before everyone else arrives during official Freshers’ Week: International Freshers’ WeekMonday 24 - Friday 28 September 2018.

The 2018 Holman Prize

Petrean Redmond Szell (m. 1988) has been awarded one of LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired’s three Holman Prizes for 2018. Redmond will use his prize for an incredibly impressive physical feat. He plans to attempt an  “Extreme Triathlon” comprised of a 200-foot abseil followed by a swim through open ocean, a 10-mile ride through a notably hazardous bog-land, and a climb up a 213-foot ocean spire called Am Buachaille off the north coast of Scotland.

Library Assistant (part time, 29 hours per week)

£19,699 - £22,184 pa pro rata

Peterhouse seeks to recruit a Library Assistant to work 29 hours per week (actual days and hours by arrangement with the Librarian) for the Ward Library for an initial period of 2 years in the first instance. This position might be a good opportunity for someone undertaking part-time study for a professional Library qualification to gain practical experience in an academic library setting.

Violent States and Creative States (2 Volume Set) Edited by John Adlam (m. 1983), Tilman Kluttig and Bandy X. Lee. Prologue by Estela Welldon. Epilogue by James Gilligan

Violent States and Creative States (2 Volume Set), From the Global to the Individual Edited by John Adlam (m. 1983), Tilman Kluttig and Bandy X. Lee. Prologue by Estela Welldon. Epilogue by James Gilligan. In considering the different states in which individual acts of human violence take place, this thorough analysis reveals the opposing state of violence to be creativity. With contributions across a range of disciplines, this is the first integrated approach to move beyond merely mitigating violence to fostering creativity as a means of prevention.


Creating Orthographies for Endangered Languages by Mari C. Jones (Peterhouse Fellow) and Damien Mooney

Creating Orthographies for Endangered Languages by Mari C. Jones (Peterhouse Fellow) and Damien Mooney. Creating an orthography is often seen as a key component of language revitalisation. Encoding an endangered variety can enhance its status and prestige. In speech communities that are fragmented dialectally or geographically, a common writing system may help create a sense of unified identity, or help keep a language alive by facilitating teaching and learning.

The Cryptic Pub Quiz by Frank Paul

The Cryptic Pub Quiz by Frank Paul (m. 2004). What do Lady Godiva, an ape, Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit and the Hindu goddess Kali have in common? Which 1959 film is known in Russia as In Jazz There Are Only Girls? What is the smallest four-digit prime number, as well as the largest number to make a valid English word when written in Roman numerals? Which Wiltshire-based team is the only one in the English Football League not to contain any of the letters of the word “mackerel”? The name of which priestess in Greek mythology is also the title of songs by Mariah Carey and Enrique Iglesias?