Dr Alicia Rix - College Teaching Associate 2017-18



Subject areas

Alicia Rix is acting Director of Studies and Lecturer in English at Peterhouse. She teaches first-year undergraduates for the Victorian and Moderns Paper 7(a) (1830-1945), and supervises second-year students who have opted to write either dissertations or portfolios of essays for this paper. She also supervises third-year students for the compulsory Tragedy and Practical Criticism papers in Part II, and offers teaching for the American literature optional paper.

Alicia works on late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century British and American literature, specializing in Henry James, transport studies, and Edwardian fascinations with deep-sea diving and aquaria. Her monograph, Henry James and the Writing of Transport, is under contract with Cambridge University Press. Other recent or forthcoming publications include an article on madness and traffic in Kipling’s short fiction for Critical Quarterly and an essay on ‘knowingness’ in Kipling and Hemingway for The Hemingway Review.