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Undergraduate Bursaries

Currently Peterhouse is one of the few Colleges that do not provide bursaries other than the centrally administered Cambridge Student Bursary.  The Governing Body therefore decided to establish a number of bursaries, to be awarded on the basis of financial need and tenable for the duration of the course subject only to satisfactory performance in supervisions and no material amelioration of the candidate’s financial position. Analysis by the Admissions Office suggests that there might be 30-35 candidates eligible for such a bursary each year.

The bursaries will be worth up to £1500 per year. Donors can contribute to subject specific or general bursary funds.  To name a bursary the donor must pledge £1500 per year for at least three years.  Anyone interested in this option is welcome to speak with Dr Murk Jansen to discuss the details.

Information about the bursaries (including any named bursaries) will be available on the financial pages of the College website along with the information about the College’s numerous hardship and other funds.