When I needed funding for field work over the summer I was able to talk to the Senior Tutor and the College was really helpful.
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There are many myths about Cambridge, but perhaps the most misleading one is that ‘Cambridge is too expensive – I can’t afford to go there.'

This may be what you’ve heard, but while Cambridge is one of the world’s top universities, studying and living here is no more expensive than at any other university in the UK. In fact, because Cambridge is well-resourced, we are able to subsidise academic facilities and student accommodation as well as offering financial support (and a helpful search function), so it can often work out cheaper to study here than at many other institutions. There is no reason to think that you will not be able to afford to study at Cambridge University.

The University provides an overview of the costs involved for UK and EU students in coming to Cambridge – in respect of both tuition fees and living expenses – on its website. Comparable information for international students (those from outside the EU) can be found on the International Students pages of the Unviersity website. More specific information on the costs of accommodation and meals at Peterhouse can be found on our living pages, and the Cambridge Admissions Office have issued a report on the background of what makes Cambridge such a cheap place to study.

  • Financial support

    Peterhouse and the University are committed to the principle that no UK student should be deterred from applying to Cambridge because of financial considerations and, consequently, extensive financial support is available for Cambridge and Peterhouse students:

    • All UK students are entitled to take out student loans to cover their tuition fees and part of their living expenses. Student loans are designed to be repaid gradually, once students have left university, and in proportion to earnings. Fee loans are also available to qualifying EU students.
    • In addition, Cambridge has one of the most extensive bursary schemes in the UK, funded jointly by the University and the colleges and based on parental income. No prior application is needed for this scheme: all UK students are automatically sent application forms at the beginning of each academic year, once they are in residence. The scheme also provides Cambridge European Bursaries to help EU students meet their living costs.
    • Peterhouse takes part in the University's Instrumental and Choral Award schemes, as well as offering Organ Scholarships.
    • High-achieving students at Peterhouse may be awarded one of our academic scholarships, exhibitions or subject prizes which bring both recognition and monetary rewards. In addition, generous funds are available from the College for particular purposes, such as study-related travel during vacations or for purchasing texts necessary for study.
    • Finally Peterhouse itself has additional funds to assist undergraduates facing unexpected financial hardship during their time at the College offering interest-free loans or grants.

    Your Tutor is there to guide you, on a confidential basis, should you experience any financial problems and can assist students in making applications for financial support from the University and/or College as appropriate.

  • International students

    International applicants should note that the College requires assurance (either in the form of a banker’s letter confirming a guarantor’s ability to pay based on annual income, or evidence of the award of an approved scholarship) that they will have adequate funding available to pay the relevant fees and charges for the duration of their course. All international students are required to provide sufficient financial assurances by 31st August in the year in which their offer is made.

    Information about the financial support available for overseas students can be found on the University's undergraduate admissions website, and information about the scholarships available at Peterhouse via the Cambridge Trusts can be found on the Trusts' website.

    Peterhouse will be offering up to two full bursaries for candidates applying in October 2020 with overseas fee status from countries not covered by the Jardine Scholarship scheme. The bursaries will be awarded on the basis of academic merit, with consideration for the level of financial need of the individual student. Partial support for further candidates may also be available.

    In addition to the above, students who are resident in certain Asian countries may be eligible to apply for financial support in the form of Jardine Scholarships funded by the Jardine Foundation. Peterhouse is one of only four Cambridge Colleges whose undergraduate applicants are eligible for the Jardine Scholarships. Applications must be made directly to the Foundation by mid-late October.

    The Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship is a new programme established to support students who are from an area of instability or zone of conflict. 

    The guidance above is given on the basis of the information made available to us and the rules as they currently apply. It is given without any undertaking as to its accuracy on the part of the College and applicants should seek confirmation of their fee status from the relevant body.