Interview confirmation

If you have been invited to an interview at Peterhouse then you need to confirm your attendance and other details using this form.

This is the 10-digit number you were allocated when you applied at UCAS.
We need this so that we can contact you on the day with any urgent information e.g. changed interview time. This number will not be used for any other purpose.
If you are unable to attend on the date given then it is imperative that you contact the Admissions Office, by phone or email, as soon as possible.
Check your invitation email BEFORE completing this box. You can see which meals/accommodation (if any) we have offered. If the boxes next to breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight are blacnk, then you have not been offered anything. If the boxes contain a date, this is what you have been offered.
If you only want to accept SOME of the meals/accommodation offered, please clarify what you DO want here.
Provide information about any dietary, mobility or other requirements we may need to be aware of when you visit Peterhouse. Please also let us know if you will require access to a prayer room.
If there's anything else you think it would be helpful for us to know, or any questions you want to ask, now's your chance (or you can always email us later)!