Acknowledgement of the Senior Tutor's information

Please ensure you read the entire 'Undergraduate To Do' Lists before completing this form. N.B. Form items marked with a red star are mandatory.

Do you intend to take dinner on the night you arrive in College?
Do you or your guest have any dietary requirements or food allergies?
Do you have any dietary requirements or food allergies for the Matriculation Dinner?
Have you sent your original (not copies) examination certificates (i.e. GCSE and 'A'-Level certificates, or equivalent) to the Tutorial Office? If you do not yet have the certificates you may bring them in person to the Tutorial Office immediately after you come into residence. This should be done during the hours when Junior Members may call, as displayed on the door of the Office. If you do not have the originals now, you should send by post, the results notification slip provided to you by the examining board - not a copy. Please send the results notification slip to the Tutorial Office Manager as soon as possible. You will be asked to collect these documents again from the Tutorial Office when you are in residence.
Have you completed and returned the Student Health form to the College Nurse? You will be expected to register with a Cambridge General Medical Practitioner within the first few days of coming to Peterhouse; full details and a form to complete will be supplied later.
Have you sent your Peterhouse Financial Guarantee to the Admissions Office?
Have you sent your Financial Notification Letter from Student Finance to the Tutors' Secretary?
Have you read the Peterhouse Student Handbook ( which contains important information about health & safety, fire safety and security matters for those living in College accommodation?
The College is required by law to make a return of those who should be included in the Electoral Register, ie UK, Commonwealth, Irish Republic & EU Citizens. It is the responsibility of the individual to register to vote & this can be done at: If you do not register you will be unable to vote. (You can register in more than one place, ie home & College address, but you may only vote in one.)
Junior Members are required by law to hold their own valid TV license for any TV receiver (including any streaming/download of broadcast programmes via laptops or other devices) while in residence. The TV Licensing Authority makes regular checks and Junior Members are personally liable for any fines imposed. To register for an individual license go to:
Please enter any other information of relevance here