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Health and Welfare

Sometimes students need extra support during their time at Peterhouse. Fortunately, several members of staff and services are here to help. Please click on the links below for more information, contact details and office hours.

The Assistant Chaplain


The Assistant Chaplain is the Rev'd Dr Geoff Dumbreck. He ensures that the welfare committee meet regularly, and will happily see any member of the college for conversation and informal advice.

The College Nurse


The College Nurse is Mrs Kim Freeman. She is the first port of call for all health-related questions, and her webpage includes information on GP registration and out-of-hours care. She also maintains a list of mental health resources.


The College Counsellor offers counselling sessions one day per week, and is part of the larger University Counselling Service.

Student members may also approach the University Counselling Service directly, use their online resources, and enroll in their group classes.

More Help and Advice

Your Tutor is able to provide practical support, including advice on financial hardship.

The Student Welfare Representatives are appointed by the JCR and MCR; they can offer informal advice and liaise with the college on matters of welfare.

Students experiencing bullying or sexual harrassment may wish to speak to their Tutor, consult the college's Bullying and Harrassment policies, make an appointment with the University Counselling Service's Sexual Assault and Harassment Advisor, or visit the University's Breaking the Silence website.