Before you arrive

Please ensure that you complete and submit the On-Line Acknowledgement Form by 15 September which contains details about your arrival to Peterhouse and a section confirming whether you have sent essential paper documents to us or will be supplying them upon arrival. 

Examination Results

Please send your original A-Level result slips (i.e. A-Level slip, Scottish Highers, Certificates of Sixth Year Studies, Irish Leaving Certificates, International Baccalaureate, European Baccalaureate or overseas equivalents) as appropriate to your case if you have not already done so. These documents will be returned to you when you come into residence. We cannot make you a member of the University without sight of the originals of these documents. If you need them before you come here, please let me know and they will be returned but please sort out visas etc. before sending the certificates as you will need them for that process. Photocopies or electronic copies are not acceptable.  If applicable, you must also return the completed A-Level Unit Scores sheet sent to you by the Admissions Office.

College needs to have sight of your certificates once you have received them. Please bring the originals to the Tutorial Office as soon as possible after coming into residence. This should be done during the hours when Junior Members may call (daily from 9.30 – 12.00 and 2.00 – 4.30 p.m.). 

Fee Support and Government Student Loan

Please complete and send back by post or email the Financial Guarantee Form if you have not already done so. Peterhouse offer-holders were sent this form earlier in the year and those picked from the Summer Pool will be contacted directly by the Admissions Team. If you can include this document with all the others requested, please do so, but do not delay sending the other documents if you cannot yet complete this one. Please include a photocopy of your Payment Advice Letter from Student Finance with the form, together with your Financial Notification letter from Student Finance if you already have such letters. If not, please supply a copy of these letters as soon as you are able.Please bring them to Cambridge with you and keep them safely.

If you are eligible for and apply to the Student Loans Company for a Student Loan, instalments will be paid directly into your bank or building society account, normally in October, January and April. 

Links for further information: 

University of Cambridge Student Fees and Finance

Student Finance England  

Online Registration & University Computing Accounts

Each year, all students (including those starting a new course or continuing an existing course or those waiting for their results) must complete the University’s annual student registration exercise. The CamSIS Student Registration window opens Mid August and completing the exercise should only take a few minutes. The registration window closes on 1 October.

In addition to the CamSIS Student Registration, you will also need to register for your University email and computing accounts before you arrive. Details can be found on our Computer Office page and in the booklet sent by post with your confirmation pack.

What to Bring

Obviously you will need the normal material possessions of daily living as well as academic items. Most students also like to make their College room welcoming.  Do not, however, bring unnecessary items: you will be here for about 8 weeks each term and will be expected to remove your possessions every vacation and to leave no later than the last day of University Term (i.e. 19 December [except in your first year when you must leave on 3 December], 25 March, 25 June). The College does not have space to store students' property.

Bicycles: You will almost certainly find a bicycle very useful in Cambridge; many undergraduates have a bicycle here. Cycling can be hazardous in Cambridge and advice to cycle safely, wear a helmet and use lights after dark is no idle platitude. 

Cars: Cars may not be kept in Cambridge without special permission from both the Senior Tutor and the University authorities. Permission is not normally granted to undergraduates in their first year.

Academic Gowns

During your academic life in Cambridge you will on many occasions be required to wear an appropriate Academic Gown. The frequency of needing to do this makes it necessary to own your own. 

Gowns are worn at Matriculation, which is your formal induction into the University, at Graduation, and for formal photographs associated with these events. You will require a gown on any night during Term that you choose to dine at Formal Hall, and at formal College dinners. A gown is also required at some Colleges if you dine as a guest either as an individual or with a Club or Society. Gowns are worn in College Chapel. 

Academic dress must be worn when attending University ceremonies at the Senate House or University Church and other occasions as directed by the Vice-Chancellor. 

Wearing of a gown is also mandatory at College and University official proceedings, and during disciplinary procedures. 

Gowns may be purchased from the Porter's Lodge. Please telephone the Porter's Lodge in advance on 01223 338200 or by email to to place an order. The gown will be ready for collection on your arrival. 

£48.00 new gown
£30.00 secondhand gown

Please also take note of the document Advice for newly-arriving University students on vaccine-preventable infectious diseases.