Motivation in War by Ilya Berkovich

Motivation in War: The Experience of Common Soldiers in Old-Regime Europe by Ilya Berkovich (m. 2007). This book fundamentally revises our notion of why soldiers of the eighteenth century enlisted, served and fought. In contrast to traditional views of the brutal conditions supposedly prevailing in old-regime armies, Ilya Berkovich reveals that soldiers did not regard military discipline as illegitimate or unnecessarily cruel, nor did they perceive themselves as submissive military automatons.

Rogues' Gallery by Philip Hook

Philip Hook (m. 1969) takes the lid off the world of art dealing to reveal the brilliance, cunning, greed and daring of its practitioners. In a richly anecdotal narrative he describes the rise and occasional fall of the extraordinary men and women who over the centuries have made it their business to sell art to kings, merchants, nobles, entrepreneurs and museums.

Andreas Vlachos on Checking the facts in an era of fake news

Andreas Vlachos (m. 2006) speaks about his automated fact checking system 'Factmata' with Gates Cambridge.

'Andreas believes that in a world of overinformation fact checking could change the way we read the news. “Everyone should have access to fact checking,” he says. “It educates people about the way facts are used.”'

To read the full article please visit the Gates Cambridge website

Hong Kong Lunch 2017

Petreans, Anna Mae Koo, Stacey Martin Wong and Paul Lau hosted a lunch for Petreans at the American Club, in Hong Kong, in May 2017, for any Petreans in the local area.

The lunch was a wonderful opportunity for Petreans in Hong Kong to meet up, with many surprised to find so many Petreans in the region.

Further lunches are planned, please contact Holly Ashcroft  for more information

Stanton Lectures 2017

Petrean Simon Oliver (m. 1995) (Van Mildert Professor of Divinity, Durham University) gave the 2017 Stanton Lectures at the Faculty of Divinity

9 February: Creation and the Question of Teleology
16 February: Aristotelian Explanations: Forms, Final Causes, Powers and Dispositions
2 March: Teleology and the Science of Explanation
9 March: Consciousness, Intention and Final Causation
16 March: The Teleology of Nature and Grace
27 April: Christ the Alpha and Omega: A Teleology of Life

Bridget Kendall, awarded honorary degree from the University of York

The College is please to share the news that the Master, Bridget Kendall, was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of the University honoris causa from the University of York on Friday 27 July. The award is in recognition of Bridget’s services to journalism.

Further details can be found at