What happens if I’m ill on the day of my interview?

If you’re ill on the day of your interview, please contact us as soon as you’re able. If you fall ill before the day of your interview, email us and let us know. If you fall ill on the day, please call us. In either circumstance, we will talk through the possibilities with you, including rescheduling your interview if possible.


What if I have to go into self-isolation?

You do not need to inform us if you go into self-isolation, unless this means you will not be able to access the space, internet connection or technology you require for interview. If this is the case (e.g. where you were planning to do your interview in school but are no longer able to), please contact us by email as soon as possible. We will then discuss a suitable outcome, which may involve rearranging your interview for a later date.


What happens if my internet goes down?

If your internet goes down in the middle of the interview, don’t panic! We are prepared for this to happen. If the connection is slow and you struggle to hear your interviewers, please ask them to repeat the question in the first instance. If the problems persist, you may be asked to leave and rejoin the call or to turn off a secondary device if you are using one. If your internet connection completely disappears, please call the Admissions Office on 01223 338223 and we will advise you. If it is not possible to reconnect your internet, or to continue with your interview, then we may reschedule your interview.


What happens if my secondary device doesn't work?

Again, don't panic! We will be checking these in the technology check appointment. We recommend all interviewees using a secondary device have some paper and a thick pen (felt tip is ideal) so you can hold your workings up to the camera if necessary.


We will do everything we can to ensure applicants are not disadvantaged by their access to technology or conditions of their interview.