Dr Julian Sahasrabudhe



Subject areas

Julian was raised on a small island off  Vancouver, on the Canadian coast. After a failed attempt at being a musician (Capilano University, Bachelor of Music, Drop out) Julian, taking after a close friend, decided to become a Biologist. After a term of high school science classes, attended at the local community college, and a transfer to Simon Fraser University, he was attending lectures on the finer points of cell structure. However, four years later, he emerged with a degree in Math and an appetite for mathematical research.

In an attempt to convince Cambridge’s own Professor Bollobás to take him as a graduate student, Julian crossed the Atlantic to study pure mathematics at Cambridge in the Part III program in math. After graduating The Part III and sufficiently wooing the Professor, he returned stateside to complete his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Bollobás in Memphis, Tennessee. In his final year of his PhD Julian was elected a fellow of Peterhouse college. However, the past year he has been seen enjoying the vast beaches and exotic juices of Rio de Janeiro while taking a year to visit the fantastic research group at Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (IMPA).

His research interests are in Combinatorics and Ramsey Theory, but is also interested in connections with Fourier analysis and the geometry of polynomials.


Dr Julian Sahasrabudhe