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Dr Shores is on leave during Michaelmas Term 2017 and will be Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese at the Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations, University of Colorado Boulder, during the 2017-18 academic year. 

Dr Shores teaches premodern and modern Japanese literature and culture (e.g., performing arts, film) courses. He also teaches Japanese language and translation courses, classical to modern. He researches comic modes of expression, both performed and literary, from early modern times to today. He has special interest in literature and traditional performing arts of the Kamigata (modern Kansai) region, but he is also drawn to an array of other subjects. Dr Shores has informally apprenticed with rakugo masters Katsura Bunshi V (1930-2005) and Hayashiya Somemaru IV (b. 1949) and has had training in a number of other Japanese performing arts including butōbuyōhayashi music, kabukikoutakyōgen, and shamisen.

For more information about Dr Shores, his current projects, previous work and more, visit mwshores.com

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