Professor John Robb



Subject areas


After an undergraduate degree in medieval English literature at the University of Chicago (1983), I did a PhD in anthropological archaeology at the University of Michigan (1995). I taught at Southampton from 1996 to 2001, and have been teaching archaeology at Cambridge since 2001.

My interests are diverse (to put it kindly).

  • Most of my original archaeological fieldwork has been in the later prehistory (Neolithic and Bronze Age) of the Central Mediterranean, where I have a long-standing field project in Calabria, Southern Italy (
  • I direct a large cross-disciplinary project investigating the people of medieval Cambridge, combining skeletal analysis, palaeopathology, chemical analysis, and genetics (
  • I'm also interested in prehistoric art throughout Europe, human skeletal studies (with particular focus upon how social relations shape the body, and upon ritual taphonomy), and on the history of how people have understood the human body. Recently I've been developing teaching and research on material culture.



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