Dr Giulia Torino


Dr Giulia Torino studied Architecture at the IUAV School of Architecture (Venice) and the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago), and Urban Studies at the University of Sheffield. Before pursuing her PhD (King’s College and Department of Architecture, Cambridge), she worked in architecture in Benin and at the New York City Department of City Planning, and as editor for academic magazines.

Giulia’s PhD thesis, “Racial and Relational Urbanisms: The Spatial Politics of Afro-Colombian Emplacement in Bogotá", currently in preparation as a book, explores the role of racial capitalism and coloniality in shaping the (physical, social, and mental) space of Latin American cities. It adopts a situated, ethnographic perspective from Bogotá, with a focus on internally displaced Afro-Colombian communities, women grassroots organisations, urban governance, and city-making. 


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2021 Research Fellow


Urban Studies