Peterhouse offers a range of competitive postgraduate studentships, but applicants should investigate all funding opportunities offered by the University and individual Departments and Faculties. More information about central University funding can be found here.

Peterhouse Funds

Postgraduate Studentships

Through the generous support of Petrean donors, Peterhouse offers a number of partially or fully funded Postgraduate Studentships.  These cover both Tuition and Maintenance costs.  They are open to all categories of postgraduate students from any country and to existing students at Peterhouse too.    Applications for this funding are invited in December/January each year.

Peterhouse Elite Postgraduate Sports Scholarships

Peterhouse offers up to three Elite Postgraduate Sports Scholarships of £3000 each academic year. These scholarships are open only to students who have been offered a place as a postgraduate student at Peterhouse, or are continuing to study there.  More information may be found here.

Peterhouse Partnership Funds

Jardine Postgraduate Studentships

In addition, the College nominates a small number of students each year who have been accepted by both the University and Peterhouse for fully funded scholarships from the Jardine Foundation.  Candidates have to be domiciled in certain countries in the Far East.  More information about this scheme may be found here.

Cambridge Trust

This scheme currently provides partial funding for two students at Peterhouse.  These awards are specifically for MPhil students of 'Home' fee status intending to proceed to a PhD.  They are paid for by the College and the Cambridge UK Masters Scholarships programme that is administered by the Cambridge Trust.  Nominations for this funding source are run centrally by the University.  More information may be found here.

Other financial support at Peterhouse

The college provides a number of other support opportunities open to both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students or to Postgraduate students alone.  These include:

Edward Lipman Fund: financial assistance for Postgraduates and Undergraduates in Classics, English, History, Music, and Politics.

Stemson: help with the cost of representing the University in sport.

Greta Burkill Fund for Postgraduates:  grants to postgraduate students for a variety of purposes including language courses, travel to conferences and travel for research.

The College is pleased to announce that, thanks to a charitable donation, it is able to offer support to secondary school teachers of Mathematics  wishing to study for an MASt for their professional development.  The College anticipates making one such award each year.

Gunn Studentships: awards towards final year of PhD.

Plevy Newman Fund: for medical students towards conferences and the cost of electives.

Muir Wood Award: for postgraduates in Maths, Engineering and Science for attending conferences, hardship and long vacation residence.

Further information including application forms for access to some of these funds may be found here: