Restoration of the Brewhouse

The Brewhouse was probably built in the early 16th Century. It started life, not as a brewhouse, but as a domestic dwelling, and a fairly substantial one at that - old maps show it as surrounded by its own gardens.  The Beaumont family lived there while they were building the current Master’s Lodge and when the Master's Lodge was completed in 1701 the Brewhouse was incorporated into its garden; its role as a brewhouse probably started sometime after that. Clearly its standing fell and the 19th century saw it lose its northern end to Pembroke Library. For many years it stood largely empty, until the last Master, Professor Adrian Dixon, cleaned it up and gave it some paint, giving a sense of its possibilities.

How should we use it? A return to brewing would have been fun, but not clearly part of the College’s core mission. On the other hand, under the new Director of Music the choir has grown and flourished but he lacks an office and the choir lack rehearsal space, as do other College singers and instrumentalists. The Brewhouse offers space for all of this and for a small recital room on the first floor. Plans from Giles Quarme & Associates provide for an external staircase to give access to the upper level, with disabled access from a lift at the back. The office for the Director of Music and another practice room will be on the ground floor.  We obtained planning permission earlier this year and have started work using the same contractors who did such an excellent job for us on Tunwells Court. As they have meticulously removed the modern cement rendering and other additions they have uncovered more of the building's structural history - aspects of which are covered in this short video.  As the work progresses we will be updating this page with pictures and information as it comes to light. 

We hope to complete the work by October 2021.  The current Master has been very supportive of this project so we would like to have it in use well before she retires.  Donations to the Brewhouse project are especially welcome now as they will not only support the project but will thereby also free up funds for use elsewhere in these challenging times.