Revd Dr Stephen Hampton

Dean, Chaplain and Catechist; Fellow in Theology

Telephone: 01223 338217

The Rev’d Dr Stephen Hampton read law at Magdalene College in Cambridge and theology at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford. He was ordained in the diocese of Ely and served his title in the parish of St Neots. In 1998, he became Chaplain of Exeter College, Oxford, where he also took a Masters degree and then a Doctorate in Church History. In 2004, he was appointed Senior Tutor of St John’s College in Durham, and in 2005 joined the foundation at Durham Cathedral as a Minor Canon.


In 2007, Dr Hampton became the Dean of Peterhouse. In 2009, he was appointed as Director of Studies in Theology and Religious Studies (TRS). He also serves as Senior Treasurer of the Peterhouse Boat Club, the Peterhouse Music Society and the Peterhouse Politics Society, and has been Joint Senior Treasurer of the Peterhouse May Ball. In his spare time, Dr Hampton still rows for one of the Cambridge town clubs.


Dr Hampton teaches a number of papers within the TRS course, both for students from Peterhouse and for members of other colleges around the university. He currently supervises for the following papers:


A5 ‘Who is Jesus Christ’? – This is an introductory paper which explores the historical and theological significance of the founder of the Christian faith.


B7 ‘Reform and renewal in Christian history’ – This traces the impact of the Protestant and Catholic Reformations upon the Christian church in continental Europe from the Renaissance to the early 17th Century.


C6 ‘Disputed questions in the Christian tradition’ – This explores some key areas of Christian doctrine (the Divine Nature, the Trinity, the Incarnation, the Atonement, the relationship of Faith and Reason), through a dialogue between the greatest theolgians of the 6th to the 14th Centuries, and a number of more contemporary contributors.


Dr Hampton’s own field of particular academic interest is the development of Protestant theology between the Reformation and the Enlightenment. He is very happy to hear from postgraduate students who wish to pursue research in that area. He is currently supervising doctoral research on the sermons of John Owen, and on John Owen’s commentary on the Letter to the Hebrews.




Anti-Arminians: The Anglican Reformed Tradition from Charles II to

George I (O.U.P. 2008)


‘The Manuscript Sermons of Archbishop John Williams’ (Journal of Ecclesiastical History - forthcoming 2011)


‘Richard Holdsworth and the Antinomian Controversy’ (Journal of Theological Studies 2010)


Review of Simon Episcopius’ Doctrine of Original Sin by Mark A. Ellis

(Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol 58, No 4, October 2007,  771)


Review of Arminius on the Assurance of Salvation by Keith D. Stanglin

(Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol 59, No 4, October 2008, 774)


Review of The Enlightenment Bible by Jonathan Sheehan (Journal for Eighteenth Century Studies, Vol 32, Issue 3, 439)


Review of Saumur Redux by David Lllewellyn Jenkins (Journal of Ecclesiastical History – forthcoming)