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Senior Members

The College is always interested to hear from new appointments to the University who wish to have a College affiliation and especially to those who wish to teach undergraduates.

  • Research Fellowships

    Each year Peterhouse elects between 2-3 Research Fellows.

    View the online application for full details of salary, benefits and application procedure.

    The successful applicants must, by the start of their tenure have passed all examinations required for a first degree at a university and would be expected to have gained at least a 2.i classification or equivalent.  They should be capable of performing unsupervised post-graduate research.  Candidature is restricted to graduates of, or current students at, universities in the UK or the Republic of Ireland.

    Tenure is for three years and may be renewed in certain circumstances.   Along with their remuneration Research Fellows also receive a Research Allowance and will be provided with an office and College accommodation, if they so wish.  If they have not yet taken the PhD, the College may also pay certain university fees.

    The College would expect and support Research Fellows to engage in full-time high quality research.  Whilst they are primarily engaged to carry out such research, it would be hoped they could also engage with students through teaching, for up to six hours a week.


  • Research Associates

    Peterhouse runs an open competition each year to appoint up to 4 Research Associate posts.  The appointees must hold a a postdoctoral contract in a University or University related Department and have no existing affiliation to another Cambridge College.

    The appointment is for 2 years with a possible extension of 1 year (but always coterminous with their substantive appointment).

    No stipend is paid to an RA and no residential accommodation is provided. However any teaching for College would be remunerated at the appropriate supervising rate.

    RAs become Members of the College, have Category IV dining privileges, have use of the Parlours when dining, and have use of other College facilities (e.g. library, sports facilities, etc).

    Details on how to apply can be found in the News section.

  • Honorary Research Associates

    Members of the College who have recently received their Ph.D. and have a postdoctoral contract in a University or University related Department can apply to be considered for these positions.