Chapel viewed from Old Court

Telephone Campaign 2020

Meet our team of callers for January's Telephone Campaign!

This year's Campaign will take place between 3 and 13 January 2020



Carola Binney
Carola Binney (m. 2019)

Carola is studying for a one-year Masters in Law, before starting work as a pupil barrister in October 2020. Before coming to Peterhouse she read History at Magdalen College, Oxford, and, after a post-university gap year (spent teaching English in China), she completed the Graduate Diploma in Law and then the Bar exams. 

Etienne Tracey
Etienne Tracey (m. 2019)

Etienne is a first year reading Human Social and Political Sciences . He is very interested in his course and is particularly interested in social action and how modern institutions play a role in creating a fair society. Outside of his studies he loves to row and is involved as a youth worker in both Cambridge and his home city, Gloucester.

Hugo Williams
Hugo Williams (m. 2019)

Hugo is a first year philosophy student and the Junior Organ Scholar. When not working or playing in Chapel, he enjoys going to the union or watching some of the fantastic amateur drama in Cambridge.

James Phelan
James Phelan (m. 2019)

James is a fresher from Suffolk studying history at Peterhouse. He is fond of hockey and drama, I is involved in a range of activities within the College.

Lucy Jennings
Lucy Jennings (m. 2019)

Lucy is an MPhil student from Bath studying Modern British History and working on a dissertation on Anglo-Irish relations in the 1980s. She completed her undergraduate studies at Queen Mary, University of London.

Manjola Matranxhi
Manjola Matranxhi (m. 2018)

Ola is a second year Economics student at Peterhouse.  She really enjoys university life at Cambridge as she finds that she is always pushed academically.  Ola also likes to keep herself busy with extra curricular activities, and sits on committees for societies such as the Fashion Society and the Marshall Society.  

May Pwint Thair Chu
May Pwint Thair Chu (m. 2019)

May is an MPhil student in Egyptian Archaeology. She has excavated in Cambodia, Egypt, Myanmar and Romania. When she is not lost between books with mummy or pyramid covers, she is lost exploring streets of different countries around the world. 

Olga Laurentya
Olga Laurentya

Olga is a medical doctor from Indonesia who is now pursuing a PhD in Paediatrics.  She likes to sing, cuddle babies from her research, read a good book and talk to strangers in her spare time.

Veronica Welch
Veronica Welch

Veronica is currently studying for an MPhil in Modern British History, having completed a degree in History at Peterhouse last year.  She is also a member of the University Triathlon Club, and acted as Artistic Director for last year’s May Ball.

Victoria Fendal
Victoria Fendel (m. 2018)

Victoria came over from Oxford to do her MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics at Peterhouse in 2018/2019. During her time at Peterhouse, she rowed for PBC's W1 boat and is still actively involved in the boat club and the alumni races. 

Zoia Tarasova
Zoia Tarasova (m. 2016)

Zoia is a 4th year PhD student in Social Anthropology working on the intersections of human-animal relationships and identity politics in northeastern Siberia.