UK Students

Student Finance

UK students wishing to take up Tuition Fee and/or Maintenance loans must make an application to the relevant office. This is Student Finance for English students, Student Finance Wales for Welsh students, Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for Scottish students, and Student Finance NI for Northern Irish students.

The amount of Maintenance loan you are eligible for is dependent on your household income. You can also get extra help from the government loan if you have certain characteristics (e.g. you are a care-leaver). Note that applications for all such loans are completely independent of your application to Peterhouse. Each office sets its own deadlines for applications to ensure that loans are processed in time for the start of term, and all queries should be directed toward the relevant office.

If you have applied for financial support from Student Finance, or the equivalent regional office, you must provide Peterhouse with a copy of the Student Finance Payment Advice letter along with your Financial Guarantee (FG) form. If the letter is not available in time for the FG deadline, you should submit it as soon as possible afterwards, or bring it straight to the Finance Office when you arrive at Peterhouse.



All UK students can be considered for the Cambridge Bursary (typical max. £3,500 p.a.) which is calculated on a similar basis to government Maintenance loans. You will automatically be considered for this bursary if you apply for a means-tested loan from the government, and agree to share this information with your institutions. Even if you don't accept, or aren't eligible, for such a loan from the government then you must go through this process in order to be considered for the Cambridge Bursary.


Choral and Instrumental Awards

All offer-holders are eligible for a Choral Award or an Instrumental Award at Peterhouse. Applications are due in the Spring (see websites for details).