Undergraduate Accommodation

Peterhouse houses all its undergraduate students.  Room licences run for 30 weeks of the years (29 for freshers) split into 10 weeks around the University's academic term dates.  Some extended licences can be taken for students needing to stay up through the Christmas and Easter holidays.  Although rooms are used for conferencing in holidays, some rooms may be applied for during vacations subject to approval.  Rents vary based on room size and facilities and fall into the following bands:

Band 1: £900/term

Band 2: £1050/term

Band 3: £1140/term

Band 4: £1230/term

Band 5: £1320/term

Band 6: £1410/term

Band 7: £1500/term

Band 8: £1590/term

Band 9: £1680/term

Band 10: £1770/term

Band 11: £1860/term

Band 12: £1950/term