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Undergraduate Support

The Lady Mary Ramsey Fund - joint fund for hardship and bursaries

We have a number of hardship funds and bursaries dedicated to providing support to undergraduates in cases of financial hardship. Some of our older hardship funds are limited to particular disciplines or to other special cases, but there is a lot of flexibility within the joint fund to provide support where it is needed.  Contributions to these funds, or the endowment of new ones, are very important and allow us to act quickly, enabling students to focus on their studies rather than their financial difficulties.  In the past year 77 students have benefitted from the Bursary scheme and a further 648 undergraduates received other forms of financial support (including 89 Friends of Peterhouse Well-being grants).  The expansion of these funds continues to play a major part in the Development Campaign.  Donors are also invited to contribute to a subject specific or general bursary named fund.  To name a bursary the donor must pledge £1,500 per year for at least three years.  Further information on hardship funds can be found here.

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Details of the extra financial support available to students can be seen on the Extra Financial Support page.