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University Counselling Service

The University’s Counselling Service offers a free and confidential service, open to all students at the University. Professional counsellors are available to talk through any personal or emotional concerns that you might have during your time at the University. The Service, which is based at 2-3 Benet Place in Lensfield Road, also offers a range of group sessions and workshops. The University Counselling Service website is a useful source of information on a wide variety of topics, including bereavement and grief.

Please note that this service is in high demand and there is often a waiting period. Students wishing to speak to someone more urgently may wish to see the College Chaplain or College Nurse.The College-Based Counsellor is employed by UCS, and students applying for counselling using UCS's online form are encouraged to apply to UCS and College-Based Counselling simultaneously for the shortest possible waiting time.

More information on health and welfare resources, including support for students with disabilities and student parents, can be found here and on the University website.